You're invited to join us for a unique experience of abstract universe of sound and music!

PharmaSono, which PROBE develops on sound, emphasizes the impact and place of sound on various layers of life and provides an opportunity to step into your inner world.

It pursues an integrative approach and is customisable to the group of participants or individuals.

You can create gentle and compassionate moments for yourself to tune your body-mind-emotions.

The universe of sound, made of the violin, voice, gongs (tamtam), Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, wind chimes, shaman drums and many percussion instruments, enables the participants to slow down their heart beats, change their brain waves, decrease their level of stress. It is very similar to the state of consciousness during deep meditation. In time, as the individual gains deeper insight, the attitudes and understanding can open up possibilities to changes in life. 

In this workshop, first a brief sharing of theory, followed by various sensorial and physical exercises, called "Part I", will be performed. Subsequently, the sound and music part, called "Part II" begins, in which you will be active listeners. We will end in silence. If required by the participants, a final part, called "Part III", will be added-comprised of practical applications and/or dialogues, based on the received feedbacks.


For your own comfort,

we suggest to wear comfortable clothes. 

Not to eat too much before the meeting.

If you prefer you can bring your blanket,

pillow and eye pillow / eye mask.