Started her musical training at State Polyphonic Children Choir, under the Ministry of Culture.Studied violin at Hacettepe University State Conservatoire and graduated in 2004.

She has performed at national and international concerts and festivals as a member of several orchestras.

In 2009 she completed the master of music (violin) program at Bilkent University, Faculty of Music and Performing Arts.

She worked as a member of Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Ankara State Opera and Ballet Orchestra and Academic Chamber Orchestra of Başkent University and Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Orchestra in between 2004-2018.

She joined the Sound Healing and Overtone singing intensive program of

Sound Therapy Association in Spain, 2011. Completed professional group sound therapy diploma program at British Academy of Sound Therapy in United Kingdom, 2016.

She continues her individual works and cooperations such as PharmaSono© and DIP&PROBE© under the name of PROJECTS of BEING™ .

She also started a training program on the method of Organic Intelligence (OI) on November 2016 and she completed it in 2019.
She mainly studied the HEART® (Human Empowerment And Resiliency Training) Program of Organic Intelligence which aims at resolving the devastating effects of stress, trauma, and PTSD. OI training program teaches how healing happens from the nervous system up and makes it possible to imagine freedom from suffering. The Method of Organic Intelligence was developed by Steve Hoskinson, MA, MAT.

She was awarded by the second prize in her category at the 16th Art-Duo Festival and Competition held in Barcelona, Spain, on November 2019. Meriç Firatli continues her violin studies with Eugeniy Chevkenov at Richard Wagner Konservatorium in Vienna, Austria.